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جلسه اعضای آیکان

Iranian Community of the Northeast, ICON

Meeting Notes


Date:        Sep 18, 2018

Location:    26 Broadway

Attendees:    Shayda, Sadra, Hadieh, Shervin, Mohammad, Pooya



  1. Mohammad’s proposed structure for bi-weekly meetings

  2. Distribution of task items from last meeting among volunteers (below)

Tasks & Decisions

  1. Revising the meeting structure and announcing it to the group

    Volunteer:    Mohammad

  1. Sorting out the administrative workload (including website postings, document compilation, etc.) and looking for volunteers to take up tasks

    Volunteers:    Mohammad, Farideh, Shayda, Kazem

  1. Devising a record-keeping system that’s directly connected to the website (e.g. sharing meeting notes) rather than via email

Volunteer:    Kazem

  1. Rewriting the following items for group review:

  • mission statement

  • guidelines for how to propose a project

  • about us (FAQ?)

    Volunteers:    Pooya, Sadra, Shervin, Hadieh, Setareh

  1. Devising ICON’s social media strategy and re-activating existing handles


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جلسه اعضای آیکان
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جلسه اعضای آیکان