our story

A group of Iranian-American community members gathered together on Sunday, January 29th to talk about the Trump administration’s “immigration executive ban” and its effect on their lives. The goal was to bring the community together and discuss the current and upcoming legal, economic, and social struggles undermining the core values of this country and our society to figure out ways to overcome them.

Unfortunately, The Iranian community lacks the supportive infrastructure that is desperately needed for the time being. Therefore, it is imperative for us to come together and collectively create a community that will help us withstand the challenges ahead.

By the end of the meeting, we decided to set up working groups that focus on particular issues. We would like to invite you to volunteer in one of the groups based on your interest and skills or suggest new working groups and topics:

1) Technical Assistance and Cyber Security
2) Letter and Petition Writing
3) Community Building and Internal (Iranian) Outreach
4) Protest Organizing and External Outreach
5) Media, Communications, Art
6) Legal Advice
7) Mental and Physical Health

ICON is not affiliated with any religious or political groups/organizations.

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