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Petition to End the Travel Ban

  • New York, NY, 10010 USA (map)

As a part of our efforts to reach out directly to politicians and legislators, we drafted a letter to US Senators, Democratic and Republican, about how the Jan 27, 2017, Executive Order known as the “Travel Ban” affects us. We demanded senators’ immediate action and informed them that we stand by them in any efforts to oppose the Executive Order. We opened the letter for signatures from across the US. The petition was closed with 422 individual names, just about 60 percent of whom from the Northeast.


Petition of Iranian-Americans Against the Executive Order

Jan 30th, 2017

Dear Senator,

We are part of the over one million Iranians and Iranian-Americans living in the US as American citizens, permanent residents or valid visa holders. Our community is extremely concerned about the recent Executive Order that imposes a 90-day suspension of visas and other immigration benefits to refugees and nationals of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia.

Iranian-Americans are an integral part of the fabric of the United States. We are CEOs, entrepreneurs, and creators of jobs for hundreds of individuals. We are healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses, who serve and care for the sick. We are lawyers, serving the legal system and representing those who don’t have a voice. We are teachers, supporting the generations of tomorrow. We are researchers and academics, pushing the frontiers of knowledge, science, and technology. We are artists, enriching culture and cultivating dialog. But beyond our professions, we are contributing members of society, bringing not only diversity but also value to the communities, cities, and states we live in.

The Executive Order on January 27, 2017 reverberated throughout our communities, and we are all extremely alarmed. As Iranian-Americans we are either directly impacted by this Executive Order, or have loved ones, family, and friends that are impacted. The ban is already disrupting immigration petitions, family visitations (including those for emergency medical care), the ability of students to continue their research and studies, and the work of many businesses who cannot continue without employees on work visas. We are gravely troubled by the undermined lives and crushed hopes of numerous individuals who are green-card holders, who live and work in the United States, and are no longer sure of their status or their future.

We came to this country with hope, to pursue new opportunities and a bright future. The Executive Order deeply threatens that hope; it unfairly targets citizens of seven countries for their religion and ethnicity. It does not represent a nation built by immigrants and undermines the values and principles of democracy. Therefore, we are asking you to please stand up against this hateful, discriminatory, and xenophobic Executive Order. We are urging you to please take any action in your power to put a stop to the implementation of this Executive Order, which is tearing families apart and creating further division in America.




This petition was closed on 12 pm Noon EST on Friday, February 3rd.

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