Oct 16, 2018 Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes



Participants: Pooya Ghorbani, Shervin Abachi Nejadasl , Hadieh Afshani, Hengameh Fallah, Pedram Massoudi, Sadra Shahab, Mahsa Mehrdad, Mohamad Golabi, Mohammad Golabi, Parshad



·         Mission statement progress reported by Sadra and will be again reported in the next meeting.

·         The essential changed needed to be done about the website reported by Mohammad and he will also report the progress again in two weeks.

·         The financial reports updates for each project has been partly reported to Hadieh and will be transferred to Pedram to follow up and report in two weeks.



·         Mohammad will make it more clear with his team that what needs to be improved/changed about the website and will report in two weeks.

·         Sadra, with his team: Mahsa, Kazem, Hengameh and Hadieh will have meeting together or make comments on Sadra’s first draft of the mission statement and will decide how to make an open session with all the members to process and finalize the mission statements, our goals, etc.

·         Hadieh will transfer reported financial record to Pedram to follow up and report in two weeks.

·         Pooya will contact Azin to follow up the translation progress of the meeting notes.


·         To assign two people at least for each project/assignment rather than one.

·         Making the website bilingual (Persian and English).

·         Sadra suggested that we need to have an open session with all the members to make the decisions about the mission statements and goals of the group.

·         Suggest people who work in mental health field for a possible grant suggested by Shervin.

·         To have an option in the website for the new members to know where and how they can collaborate/help.

Kazem Ghouchani