Jan 23, 2019 Meeting Notes

Iranian Community of the Northeast (ICON)

Meeting Notes


Participants: Kazem Ghouchani, Shayda Hemmati, Pooya Ghorbani, Hengameh Fallah, Parishad Azin, Sadra Shahab


  • Kazem gave us updates about some upcoming art or Nowrooz festivals and events organized by several groups of iranians in NYC.

  • Pooya suggested to perform a project with NYC public library to add Farsi to their directory. There is a digital directory at the entrance of the public library and among all other languages Farsi language is missing . Pooya suggested to contact the library and suggest to provide them with a Farsi translation of its directory as a voluntary ICON project. Sadra thought public library would normally hire a contractor to do things like that but we need more information on this. The idea of following it up is still considerable

  • Kazem suggested to do the same project for including Farsi to the languages provided in the hotline for mental health issues

  • Sadra suggested that ICON can organize a fixed Persian event every year (something like Tirgan in Toronto)

  • Hengameh suggested to organize a session with a Farsi speaking therapist and announce it through ICON for anyone interested

FOLLOW UPS (new) :

  • After a group discussion about letting new people and old ICON members know about our regular meetings, we agreed on announcing each meeting publicly after fixing the date, location and time with active members. According to the final decision, the upcoming meetings will be announced on FB (by Hengameh) and the details will be provided in ICON calendar on ICON website (by Kazem)

  • Pooya should send the financial ICON reports to Pedram

  • Pooya is going to share a Google spreadsheet with the active members and ask them to write down their ideas for initiating new projects through ICON.

  • Next meeting will be in two weeks, and Shayda/Pooya will send out the invite by this weekend.

Kazem Ghouchani