Feb 05, 2019 Meeting Notes

Iranian Community of the Northeast (ICON)

     Meeting Notes


Participants: Shayda Hemmati, Pooya Ghorbani, Hengameh Fallah, Parishad Azin, Hadieh Afshani, Masih Rahmati, Maryam Ghoreishi


We discussed the suggestions from Icon projects spreadsheet (shared with volunteers via email). Here are the summary of what we discussed:

  • The mental health project is was discussed and an initial plan was agreed upon. More detailed steps would be discussed between the volunteers for this project.

  • Pooya suggested to perform a project with NYC public library to add Farsi to their directory. There is a digital directory at the entrance of the public library and among all other languages Farsi language is missing . Pooya suggested to contact the libraries and suggest to provide them with a Farsi translation of its directory as a voluntary ICON project. We can donate Farsi books to libraries. We also can offer and help libraries to arrange talks and other cultural events about Iran.

  • Pooya suggested to plan for the next census(2020). Given the key role of the demographics in cities’ and states’ plans, resource allocation, etc, that would be pretty important to encourage as many Iranians as possible to participate in the census.

  • Sadra’s (an annual Iranian festival) and Shervin’s (a Norooz event) are along the same line. All participants supported the idea of an annual Icon festival. Masih suggested that we organize it as an Icon (or another name) festival, but not necessarily a specific Iranian festivity, and to hold it in the first few weeks of each fall.

  • Kazem’s suggestion (Shanbeh bazar), is very interesting, but it needs to be discussed more in details.


  • Active members should go to the Icon projects spreadsheet (shared with volunteers via email)  and write their names in front of any of the projects they wish to help with (no deadline is set yet, but please do it as soon as possible).

  • Pooya is going to change the spreadsheet and add another column for the ones interested in contributing to each project

  • Icon’s monthly events should be announced on Icon’s facebook page (by Hengameh) and website (Hengameh or Kazem).

  • Shayda will arrange the next meeting.

Kazem Ghouchani