Feb 27, 2019 Meeting Notes

Iranian Community of the Northeast (ICON)

Meeting Notes


Participants: Shayda Hemmati, Pooya Ghorbani, Hengameh Fallah, Parishad Azin, Masih Rahmati, Mahsa Mehrdad, Farideh Sakhaei, Sadra Shahab, Kazem Ghouchani


Members who had already proposed projects went over their projects briefly

  • Shayda and Hengameh were willing to lead the mental health project. More detailed steps would be discussed between the volunteers for this project: Shayda, Parishad, Hengameh, Hadieh, Masih in a separate following meeting

  • Pooya has proposed two projects that he is also willing to lead. The projects and interested volunteers are as follows:

    • Adding Farsi to the list of languages/services/materials provided by the New York Public Library system: Pooya, Shayda, Sadra, Faride

    • Providing assistance to the Iranian Community for Census 2020: Pooya, Hengameh, Sadra, Masih, Hadieh, Mahsa, Faride

  • Kazem explained his idea of having a Shanbeh bazar, which would be about having an annual Persian street market somewhere in NYC in which business owners and other interested people such as artists can rent a booth and present their products/services


  • In the future, sub-groups will meet independently of the ICON regular meetings and discuss the details of their projects separately. We will still hold our regular meetings to keep up with the sub-groups updates   

  • Mahsa is thinking about having a podcast for reading play scripts in Farsi. She is willing to perform the project under ICON and NY Persian Center  

  • Sadra informed us that he has been reached out for inviting some guests to a Nowruz event held by the mayor of NYC. He is going to make sure if ICON can invite guests on behalf of the event organizers. Once he confirms this (ideally by Feb 28), we will suggest some guests for the event by filling out a spreadsheet. Next, ICON is going to design a google form and ask interested prospective participants to RSVP.

  • Parishad is going to send this meeting participants a google spreadsheet to suggest possible guests who can be invited to the NYC Nowruz event.

Kazem Ghouchani