• Saturday, June 17, 2017

  • 1:00 PM 5:00 PM

A City For US, All Saturday, 17 Jun 2017 1:00 - 4:15 PM Brooklyn Borough Hall 209 Joralemon St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Description: As an important step in empowering our community, we have planned an event in collaboration with the City of New York and the office of Brooklyn Borough President on June 17th, 2017.

As an important step in empowering our community, we have planned an event at Brooklyn Borough Hall on June 17th, 2017. This event is designed around a generous offer by Mohsen Namjoo, a widely-acclaimed Iranian contemporary musician and a member of our community, to perform for the public and free of charge. In addition to the musical performance, the event includes a variety of community-building activities to familiarize our audience with the platform that we provide, and all available resources that they can access through the City or the community itself.

Here is the event schedule at a glance:

1:15 – 1:45 PM

Opening remarks and proclamation by New York City Representative (TBD)

Introductory remarks by ICON representatives (TBD)

2:00 – 3:00 PM

Music performance by Mohsen Namjoo and Yahya Alkhansa

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Open Mingling Hour for the audience to stop at the information tables in the Community Room and learn/chat about various services and activities, including but not limited to:

  1. Services provided by the City

  2. Services within the Iranian community

  3. Book stands and the latest Farsi publications

  4. Art exhibition

4:00 – 4:15 PM

Closing notes by ICON representatives (TBD)

This event is PUBLIC and FREE of charge. As space is limited, a RSVP is required for this event. Also, please email us if any special accommodation is required (iconact.info@gmail.com).

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