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ICON Bi-weekly meetings

Meeting Notes


Participants: Pooya Ghorbani, Shervin Abachi Nejadasl , Azin Mohajerin, Hadieh Afshani, Hengameh Fallah


  • Mission statement report- To be reported (about the progress) by Sadra in the next meeting.


  • Azin is going to translate all the past meeting notes to Farsi to be presented on the website. The first 4 notes will be send to her by Pooya and will be ready in two weeks.

  • Hadieh will send email to Pooya to get the names of the people and the projects ICON have done so far to follow up on the all the expense reports.

  • Azin will have a proposal in relation with getting connected with Codepink organization and she will present it properly in two weeks.

  • Hadieh will present a proposal to have a guest speaker (Ebrahim Soltani) to talk about a social/cultural topic in next meeting.

  • To have a page on the website with all the financial reports of every event ICON had been working on. Pooya will follow up on this.


  • It was agreed that the facilitator/notetaker should send meeting notes to those who attend each meeting within 48 hours. Attendees have 48 hours to comment and approve the notes before they’re published on the website.

  • We discussed a lot that how the website needs to get fixed/improved (have an embedded google calendar with all the events for the members and nonmembers to check, etc).

  • Discussion about how to develop a more productive culture of giving and receiving feedbacks after or during running a project in a voluntary based organization like ours?

  • To have a whole session only focused on improving the website to serve the expectations more! Perhaps with Mohamad leadership and help of Payam Esfandyari? We did not decide when though?

  • Spending at least a small portion of each meeting on getting reports and hearing about the ongoing projects to make all the members more enthusiastic about what’s happening and more connected

  • We should make a proper email list and develop it in different events (the people who like to get informed and stay updated about ICON events and projects can leave us their emails to stay tuned)

  • Whether or not we need to make the boundaries of ICON more clear for the newcomers and the people who want to know what we do and what we do not do?


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ICON Bi-weekly meetings
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ICON Bi-weekly meetings