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ICON Bi-weekly meetings

Iranian Community of the Northeast (ICON)

Meeting Notes

11/27/2018 - via Google Hangout

Participants: Pooya Ghorbani, Shayda Hemmati, Hadieh Afshani,  Sadra Shahab, Mohammad Golabi, Kazem Ghouchani

A. FOLLOW UPS - from the previous meeting:

  1. Mission statement progress was reported by Sadra -  Kazem should start the Presentation for the event by the end of this week. Sadra to Follow up with Mahsa and Hengameh for the reach out and next steps.

  2. The essential change needed to be done about the website was reported by Mohammad - Mohammad , Kazem, Shirin, and Afsaneh to kick off the project to redesign the website and make it more user friendly.

  3. The financial reports updates for each project has been partly reported to Hadieh and Pedram. Pedram had few questions, Pooya will follow up with him.


  1. Pooya proposed for ICON’s bi-weekly meetings to be restructured as once-a-month and flexible. This means towards the end of each month, we will vote on a date, time, and location that work for a sizable majority. Argument is to maximize participation and avoid routine but less-productive meetings. Volunteers under each project work group can meet based on their project needs.

  1. Among attendees, Mohammad, Kazem, Sadra, and Pooya voted yes to the proposal. Hadieh voted blank. Shayda voted yes with the condition that the meeting are held once a month at the minimum.

  1. Since the meeting attendees did not represent the larger group of volunteers that have consistently attended the bi-weekly meetings and those who were actively involved with ICON, we agreed to share a poling platform with others so everyone gets a chance to vote on proposal mentioned in B.1. Shayda will create and share the poll.

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ICON Bi-weekly meetings