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Copy of ICON Bi-weekly meetings

Iranian Community of the Northeast (ICON)

Meeting Notes


Participants: Pooya Ghorbani, Shervin Abachi ,Hengameh Fallah, Sadra Shahab, Shayda Hemmati, Setareh Shohadaei (on the Phone)

FOLLOW UPS - from the previous meeting:

  • Mission statement progress was reported by Sadra - discussed lack of activity by the volunteers involved in the project - postponed to the next meeting Sadra is going to email and follow up with the volunteers

  • The essential change needed to be done about the website was not reported by Mohammad - Mohammad was absent - postponed to the next meeting

  • The financial reports updates for each project has been partly reported to Hadieh and will be transferred to Pedram to follow up - Hadieh and Pedram were absent - postponed to the next meeting


  • To write a short guidelines for two different project types: project manager-based and collective project managing: Sadra Shahab, Shervin Abachi - To be discussed in the next meeting in two weeks. Shervin will start a word document and will share with Sadra

  • Hiking Community - Volunteer: Shayda - Shayda is going to work on a draft of discussion for the hiking group - To be discussed in the next meeting in two weeks

  • Setareh’s activity to reach out the Iranian Community about the importance of voting - Setareh is going to prepare a draft and share it by Friday, Nov 2nd. - time-sensitive.


  • Is there a possibility that a bi-weekly meeting can get canceled? If yes, who can decide it? (No conclusion yet)

  • Why volunteers don’t get engaged in their tasks? (In this case: mission statement project) Suggested solutions:

Shervin- To write a short guide about the volunteer-based projects.

Hengameh- To work on organizing the mission statement event through a meeting.

Pooya- Hengameh can send a follow-up email to the mission-statement group.

  • Hengameh suggested talking about how volunteers can communicate with each other without getting upset or misunderstanding. (Didn’t have time for this) very important, let's follow up in the next meeting

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ICON Bi-weekly meetings
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ICON Bi-weekly meetings